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2023 Shows

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ISDGA Spring Classic

May 26, 2023 - May 28, 2023
Boise, ID

Yoshi (Yearling Buck) - 2nd, 3rd, 2x 4th

Sargon (5 or Older Buck) - 1st (in Grand Champion lineup), 2nd (to Grand Champion of the day, in Reserve Grand Champion line-up), 3rd, 4th

You-Hoo (Senior Kid, 2 rings) - Junior Grand Champion, 2x 1st (in Grand Champion line-up) (21 in her class)

Made (Senior Kid, 2 rings) - 2nd (to Grand Champion, in Reserve Grand Champion line-up) (21 in her class)

Timmy (Yearling) - Junior Grand Champion, 1st

Lola (4-5 Milker, 2 rings)  - 3rd

Cinnamini (4-5 Milker, 2 rings)  - 1st udder, 1st (in Grand Champion line-up), 2nd

Quin (5+ Milker) - 4th, 5th

Quin, Cinnamini, Fetish, CoCo (Dairy Herd) - 2x 3rd, 2x 4th


June 3 - June 4, 2023
Salem, OR

Theo (Intermediate Kid) - Reserve Junior Grand Champion, 1st place, 3rd place

Made (Senior Kid) - 4th place

Hissy (2-3 Milker) - 8th place (of 32 entries)

Clover (3-4 Milker) - 3rd place

Zip (Aged Milker) - 1st place (in Grand Champion line-up and judge commented it was a hard choice between her                                            and another doe for Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe), 1st place Udder, 2nd place

Barn in the USA

June 30,2022 - July 1, 2022
Ridgefield, WA

Ody (Buck 1-2) - 4th (of 17)

Sargon (5 or Older Buck) - 2x 2nd place (to the Grand Champion of the day, in Reserve Grand Champion line-up)

Junior Get of Sire (Yoshi, 3 different dams, Venti, Harley, Theo) - 2nd place

Venti (Senior Kid) - 1st place (Grand Champion line-up)

Theo (Senior Kid) - 2nd place, 5th place

Betty (Senior Kid) - 1st place (Grand Champion line-up), 2x 2nd place

Made (Senior Kid) - 1st place (Grand Champion line-up), 2nd place, 3rd place

Junior Breeder's Trio (Made, Betty, Theo) - 3rd place

Cinnamini (4-5 Milker) - 2x 3rd Place

Zip (5-7 Milker) - 5th place

ADGA National Show

July 14-21, 2023
Redmond, OR

Theo (Intermediate Kid) - 16th place (of 72)

Betty (Senior Kid) - 13th place (of 64)

You-Hoo  (Senior Kid) - 14th place (of 64)

Timmy (Junior Yearling) - 10th place (of 25)

Boo (Senior Yearling) - 14th place (of 69)

Posy (Senior Yearling) - 2nd place (1st place went to the National Junior Grand Champion) (of 69)

Best Three Junior Does (Posy, Boo, Timmy) - 6th place (of 27)

Zip (5-7 Milker) - 13th place (included 2022 National Grand Champion) (of 50)

Rogue Valley Dairy Show

August 13, 2023
Grants Pass, OR

Zydeco (Junior Kid) - 4th place

BeeDee (Junior Kid) - Best Junior Doe in Show (over all breeds and many yearlings), Junior Grand Champion, 2x 1st place (in Grand Champion Line-up twice)

Theo (Intermediate Kid) - 2x 2nd place

Peppa (Senior Kid) - 2x 2nd place

Betty (Senior Kid) - 2x 1st place (in Grand Champion Line-up twice)

Hissy (2-3 Milker) - 1st place (in Grand Champion Line-Up), 3rd Place

Eve (2-3 Milker) - 2nd place, 4th place

Cinnamini (4-5 Milker) - Reserve Grand Champion, 2x 1st place (in Grand Champion Line-up twice)

Zip (5-7 Milker) - Reserve Grand Champion, 1st place, 2nd place (in Grand Champion Line-up twice)

Oregon State Fair

September 1-4, 2023
Salem, OR

Zydeco (Junior Kid) - 2nd place

Harley (Junior Kid) - 4th place

Theo (Intermediate Kid) - 4th place

Peppa (Senior Kid) - 5th Place

Betty (Senior Kid) - 3rd place

Harley, Theo, Zydeco (Junior Get of Sire, Yoshi) - 3rd Place

Cinnamini (4-5 Milker) - 4th place

Zip (5-7 Milker) - 1st, 1st Udder (in Grand Champion line-up and best udder line-up)

Zip, Cinnamini, Breve, Hissy  (Dairy Herd) - 4th place

Peppa and Betty (Produce of Dam) - 5th place

Zip and Boo (Dam and Daughter) - 4th place

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