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Bucks that are being used for breeding.

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-1 Daughter has her Dry Leg/Grand Champion


Jax Farms Sargon Blue +EE84  *DNA*


*moonspots* *wattles*

DOB: 2/25/2018 

Sire: Jax Farms Baewolf Blue 

         Sire's Sire: MT Rivendells T2P Blue Majesty

         Sire's Dam: Able Valley Farm Epic Eyes

Dam: Mazel Tov Caramel Cashew

         Dam's Sire: Freedom Star Tonka Toy *B

         Dam's Dam: Messer Mayhem Espresso Bean

Sargon is something special. He is a son of one of my very first Nigerians as a child. I've hunted far and wide to find some original genetics of the Mazel Tov herd. Then I stumbled upon this handsome moonspot! Whether for breeding or lovins', Sargon will have a forever home here at Broken Top Farm.

His wide set legs offer his prodigy a great place to put a big, well-attached udder. I'm happy to report that EVERY kid out of his shares that phenomenal, wide leg set. He shows extremely strong dairy character without yielding to body capacity - and overall heartiness. He is tight in the shoulders and wide at the rump. Did I mention the strength of his feet, leg, and curvature?! One thing about Sarg, is that he doesn't carry the strongest udders - they tend to be very correct, but not attached as well as the other bucks' dams. We consider him our specialty buck to toss into genetics when we have great potential with incorrect feet and legs. Plus, he's a sweetheart with a sense of humor!


Dam's Dam (Messer Mayhem Espresso Bean)

-5th at WI State Fair (competitive numbers) as a dry doe
-12th at ADGA Nationals 2011 in her senior class



Idaho Syringa: 2x 2nd place, 2x 3rd place


Idaho Syringa: 1st place (in Grand Champion lineup), 2nd place (to Grand Champion of the day, in Reserve Grand Champion line-up), 3rd place, 4th place
Barn in the USA: 2x 2nd place
 (to Grand Champion of the day, in Reserve Grand Champion line-up)


Idaho Syringa: 2nd place

-ETA 2:1  96
-ETA 1:2  42
-1 Daughter has her Dry Leg/Grand Champion
-1 Daughter has Reserve Grand Champion


Till-Riv WTM Lucky Yoshi Fruit *B pending  *DNA*


DOB: 1/29/2022 

Sire: Springwater AL Wait That's Me +*B VVV86 (3x Elite - 93%)  *DNA*

         Sire's Sire: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B  (5x Elite - 98%)    *DNA*

         Sire's Dam: SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia 4*MAR VEEE90 (4x Elite)  *DNA*

Dam: SG Springwater BL Princess Peach 2*MAR GVEV86

         Dam's Sire: Pholia Farm RD La Brea Legend +*B  (2x Elite - 92%)   *DNA*

         Dam's Dam: SGCH Sage-Acres SHO Peachy Keen 3*MAR +VEV86  *DNA*

Yoshi is the whole package. He stands perfectly uphill and shows depth throughout the chest and barrel. His feet and legs stand strong and show excellent curvature in the rear. He is flat and wide across the toppling and into the rump. From hock to hock, he is wide without sacrificing leg strength. His dam has a beautiful udder with correct shape, placement, attachments, and thirds. We'll see how he matures, but right now I can't pick anything negative about Yoshi to improve upon, other than he is a smaller-statured guy. However, his genetics aren't small-statured, so I feel he's a great buck to keep heights in regulation without making a "fragile" animal!


Sire (Springwater AL Wait That's Me)

-2nd place "Get of Sire" 2021 ADGA National Show​
-3x ELITE: 2021 (93%), 2022 (89%), 2023 (91%)
-ADGA #7 Young Sire
-PTI 2:1  140
-PTI 1:2  57
-ETA 2:1  165
-ETA 1:2  76

Sire's Sire (SG Sugarmoon NS Alejandro)

-Sire to the 2019 National 1st place yearling milker & the 2nd place/1st place udder 2 y/o
-5x ELITE: 2019 (97%), 2020 (98%), 2021 (98%), 2022 (97%), 2023 (97%)
-PTI 2:1  189
-PTI 1:2  55
-ETA 2:1  149
-ETA 1:2  41
-Dam was Top 10 Breed Leader in all 3 (Production, Butterfat, Protein) in 2019
-Daughter milked over 1000# as a yearling
-Went to Australia in 2022 to add superior bloodlines to their Nigerian Dwarf Breed

Sire's Dam (SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia)

-2017 ADGA Top Ten: #9 Butterfat (91lbs), #8 Protein (60lbs)
-ADGA 89% 
​-2019 ADGA National Show High Lifetime butterfat
-VEEE90 as a 3 year old
-5x Grand Champion, 6x Reserve Grand Champion, 4x Best of Breed, 1x Best in Show
-2015 ADGA National Show 1st place yearling milker
-9.9% Butterfat in three lactations
-6.5% Protein in three lactations
-PTI 2:1  140
-PTI 1:2  97
-ETA 2:1  158
-ETA 1:2  99
-Daughter of SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B (7x Elite at 98%)
-2019 ANDDA Total Performer Award

Dam (SG Springwater BL Princess Peach)

-PTI 2:1  52
-PTI 1:2  26
-ETA 2:1  105
-ETA 1:2  53
-Peak of 8.9% Butterfat

Dam's Sire (Pholia Farm RD La Brea Legend)

-3x Grand Champion (once against 4 champion challengers), 4x Reserve Grand Champion
-2018 ANDDA Lifetime JuJu Award

Dam's Dam (SGCH Sage-acres SHO Peachy Keen)

-ADGA 2x ELITE (2023 92%, 2020 87%)
-PTI 2:1  168
-PTI 1:2  111
-ETA 2:1 158
-ETA 1:2  99
-2 SG Progeny
-Sire of SGCH Springwater Janie's Got A Gun "aka Frosty" 7*M VEEE90
-Littermate sister is SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia 4*MAR VEEE90 (4x Elite)


Idaho Syringa: Grand Champion Junior Buck, 2x 1st place, 2x 2nd place



Idaho Syringa: 2nd place, 3rd place, 2x 4th place
Barn in the USA:2nd place  Junior Get of Sire (three different Dams) 


Idaho Syringa: 2nd place



DOB: 5/10/2022 

Sire: Jax Farms Sargon Blue +EE84   *DNA*

         Sire's Sire: Jax Farms Baewolf Blue

         Sire's Dam: Mazel Tov Caramel Cashew

Dam: Calico Creek J Blue Eclipse 1*Mpending  V+EV87

         Dam's Sire: Alethia HB Jacaru

         Dam's Dam: Calico Creek SN Blue Moon VVEV87

Odyssey, or affectionately called "Ody" (oh-dee), was a breeding done simply because Sargon was the only buck we had at the time and Blue was ready to be bred (and I was itchin'). However, he is a gorgeous blend of his parents. Blue gives him wide bones and body, with potential for EXTREMELY attached udders with correct teat placement, arch, and thirds. Sargon has feet and legs to die for - from curvature to strength, to straightness. He also passes down a long, dairy body that stands uphill. He is a super deep guy, just seeping of dairy strength thanks to his parents. When he walks he has almost a foot of space naturally between his hocks. Blue walks with upstandingness and is dripping in power and strength. Sargon's tight front end and shoulders improve upon Blue's weak points and Ody shows that in his assembly! Ody is here in hopes that Blue's udder attachments fix the lack of attachments in Sargon's line - and with the other genetics blending as perfectly as they possibly could... I have the utmost confidence that the udder will follow in the same steps.


Sire's Maternal Granddam (Messer Mayhem Espresso Bean)

-5th at WI State Fair (competitive numbers) as a dry "milking" doe
-12th in her senior class at 2011 ADGA Nationals

Dam (Calico Creek J Blue Eclipse)

-2022 ANDDA Silver JuJu Award



Idaho Syringa: 4x 2nd place


Barn in the USA: 4th place (of 17)