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Kid Commit Program

Our Kid Commit Program is an annual program, free entry, for youth to win a show-quality animal of their own. It consists of an essay, a required signature form, and a few other small rules all posted in detail below.

The "board" and founders consist of Broken Top Farm and IvyRidge Nubians.

Broken Top and IvyRidge donate their own kids, as well as our rotating "donor" farms that make this program possible since 2022!

About the Program

         Abby Messer of Broken Top Farm began her adventure with dairy goats as a young 4-H-er, FFA member, and eventually an adult member of ADGA. Julie Rosqvist-Gerard at IvyRidge Nubians has invested many years to 4-H, both as a leader and a parent, and owns her own successful herd of ADGA Nubians. 

         Broken Top Farm and good friends, IvyRidge Nubians, herein called “the board”, hope to continue this tradition of encouraging our youth to remain active and passionate in their goat projects by offering a quality, proven animal. We hope to promote interest in dairy goats and their contribution to agriculture in our region. For this reason, we are offering a competitive essay program for youth to win a doeling.


         This competition, started in 2022, is for Oregon and Washington youth and consists of an essay with a minimum of 100 words about why they would like to own a dairy goat, how they would care for it (shelter, food, routine care, vaccinations, milking), what they would do competitively (shows, linear appraisal, milk testing) with it, any previous goat ownership experiences, and goals for their long-term future with dairy goats. We hope to have the youth capture why they love and are invested in goats. Youth are encouraged to talk about their mentors, their clubs, memberships, and any other information that will validate their commitment to raising dairy goats long-term. Pictures, photos, or special inclusions are allowed and welcomed to show their passion. We will evaluate essays on the level of commitment to dairy goats in the longer term, while taking spelling and grammar into account.

         Please retain a copy of your essay, as we will not be able to ensure copies once submitted. Once a winner is chosen, we will make every effort possible to contact them for the next 30 days. After 30 days without contact, the win will be forfeited. Winners will have to coordinate with the donor farm, whose information they will be provided, to pick up the animal at the donor’s farm or arrange to pick up at a show if possible. Pick-up must occur within the agreed-upon timeframe; if not, the donor farm will notify the board, who will contact winners to inform them that their win was forfeited. Outside of extenuating circumstances, once a win is forfeited, the youth may not enter the competition again.

Program Rules and Form

  • Youth must be between the ages of 10 – 17 as of January 1 of the entry year.

  • Youth must reside in the state of Oregon or Washington at the time of application

  • Entries will be accepted from January 1st – March 31st

  • Entry form, essay, and all signatures must be enclosed in the entry packet

  • Youth must be members of 4-H, FFA, ADGA, MDGA, AGS, or another organization

  • Youth must have owned goats and actively participate in their perspective organization in the last year

  • One youth, per family, per year may win. However, siblings are still always encouraged to apply

  • Youth may only win once

  • Winners must claim their goat and have arrangements made with donor within one month (May 1st) of the winner being chosen around April 1 of entry year

  • Winners are required to show their animals in a 4-H, FFA, ADGA, AGS, or other show in the calendar year of winning

  • If an animal won through the program is to be sold or rehomed for any reason, donor retains first right of refusal and must be notified

  • Youth must give updates on the animal to donor at 6 months of age and one year of age

Questions? Contact one of us below!

Abby Messer - Broken Top Farm

Julie Rosqvist-Gerard - IvyRidge Nubians

Donor Farms 

Without our donor farms, the program could not be made possible. We are always grateful to share common goal of investing in the future of our passion - dairy goats!

To become a donor, check out more information HERE and complete THIS FORM to be on our list!

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