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Senior Does

Does that have freshened or are bred to freshen, or are over two years old.

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-PTI 2:1  52
-PTI 1:2  26

-ETA 2:1  105
-ETA 1:2  53

-Peak of 8.9% Butterfat
-Daughter was 87% ADGA
-Daughter was VVEV87 2-00

*on lease from Till-Riv Farm*

DOB: 1/1/2018

Sire: Pholia Farm RD Brea Legend *B (2x Elite - 92%)   *DNA*

         Sire's Sire: SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B  AEV80  (7x ELITE - 98%)   *DNA*

         Sire's Dam: SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina 3*MAR EEEE90

Dam: SGCH Sage-Acres SHO Peachy Keen 1*MAR +VEV86

         Dam's Sire: SG Sandy Hollow UK Hickory Oak VVV85 +*B    *DNA*

         Dam's Dam: SG Sage-Acres ST Summer Bird 

Peach's blurb will be updated as we find time!


Sire (Pholia Farm RD Brea Legend)

-2x ELITE: 2023 & 2020 (92%)
-PTI 2:1  168

-PTI 1:2  111
-ETA 2:1 158
-ETA 1:2  99
-2 SG Progeny
-Sire of SGCH Springwater Janie's Got A Gun "aka Frosty" 7*M VEEE90 (see
more below)
-Littermate sister is SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia 4*M
AR VEEE90 (4x Elite)  *DNA* (see more below)

Littermate Sister (SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia)

-2017 ADGA Top Ten: #9 Butterfat (91lbs), #8 Protein (60lbs)
-ADGA 89% 
​-2019 ADGA National Show High Lifetime butterfat
-VEEE90 as a 3 year old
-5x Grand Champion, 6x Reserve Grand Champion, 4x Best of Breed, 1x Best in Show
-2015 ADGA National Show 1st place yearling milker
-9.9% Butterfat in three lactations
-6.5% Protein in three lactations
-PTI 2:1  140
-PTI 1:2  97
-ETA 2:1  158
-ETA 1:2  99
-Daughter of SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B (7x Elite at 98%)
-2019 ANDDA Total Performer Award

Paternal Half Sister (Springwater BL Janie's Got A Gun "aka Frosty")

-PTI 2:1  98
-PTI 1:2  89
-ETA 2:1  68
-ETA 1:2  34
-2019 ADGA National Show 9th place yearling milker
-2021 ADGA National Show 1st/1st Udder 3 year old, Total Performer Award
-2022 ADGA National Show 7th place 4 year old, High Lifetime Milk, High Lifetime Butterfat
-2023 ADGA National Show 2nd/2nd udder 5/6 year old
-2019 ANDDA Silver Juju Award
-2022 ANDDA Silver Juju Award
-2022 ANDDA Total Performer Award
-305 Lactations Highs: 1045 Milk Lbs, 64 Butterfat, 47 Protein
-2x Best In Show
-2x Best Udder in Show
-13x Best of Breed
-10x Best Udder of Breed
-6x Grand Champion
-3x Reserve Grand Champion
-Dam to 2022 Spotlight Sale Buckling, "Springwater AL Sound of my Gun"


Sire's Sire (SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby)

-7x ELITE, highest at 98%
-Notable positive influence in the Nigerian Dwarf Breed
-Son of NC Promisedland Ram-Beau+*B *S E91
-24 Superior Genetics Progeny

-PTI 2:1  234
-PTI 1:2  117
-ETA 2:1 204
-ETA 1:2  109

Sire's Dam (SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina)

-Nearly 1/2 registered progeny are Superior Genetics
-PTI 2:1  81
-PTI 1:2  80
-1x Grand Champion
-2x Reserve Grand Champion

Dam (SGCH Sage-Acres SHO Peachy Keen)

-3x Grand Champion (once against 4 champion challengers)
-4x Reserve Grand Champion
-2018 ANDDA Lifetime JuJu Award

Dam's Sire (SG Sandy Hollow UK Hickory Oak)

-8 progeny are Superior Genetics

Dam's Dam (SG Sage-Acres ST Summer Bird)

-1/2 of progeny are Superior Genetics


Idaho Syringa: 2x 1st place
Logan, Utah Show: 1st place



Idaho Syringa: 3x 1st place, 2nd place (to Grand Champion of the day), 2x 1st Udder
NWODGA: 5th place, 6th place
RDGA: 4th place, 5th place



LACTATION #: 1       AGE: 1-02        DIM: 15         LBS: 40        BUTTERFAT: 3        PROTEIN: 2

2019 (not recorded past first test)

LACTATION #: 3       AGE: 3-00         DIM: 202          LBS: 650*        BUTTERFAT: 44*        PROTEIN: 29* 



LACTATION #: 4       AGE: 4-00        DIM: 107         LBS: 260        BUTTERFAT: 17        PROTEIN: 12


LACTATION #: 5       AGE: 5-00         DIM: 185          LBS: 460        BUTTERFAT: 29        PROTEIN: 21* 

2024 (in progress)

LACTATION #: 6       AGE: 6-02         DIM: 45          LBS: 240        BUTTERFAT: 17        PROTEIN: 10 

-Peak of 8.9% Butterfat

Pleasant Dreams BB Zipadeedoda 1*Mpending  VEEV87

DOB: 5/9/2018

Sire: Bellafire HBK Beach Bum VVE88 *B    *DNA*

         Sire's Sire: Alethia ET Heartbreaker *B

         Sire's Dam: Bellafire DC Beach Bunny VEEE90 1*M (2 CH legs)

Dam: Bellafire BP Skip To My Lou +V+A79

         Dam's Sire: Alethia JD Bachelor Party +*B VEE87

         Dam's Dam: Bellafire GT Yahtzee

Zip reminds me of my favorite traits in the breed. She is long-bodied and well-blended in her joints (shoulders, elbows, legs). Her lean, dairy stature and perfectly curved rear legs really make her an eye-catcher. She shows an all-around sharpness and is very strong in general appearance. Zip's udder is correct in shape and attached high into the escutcheon. We would like to see more delineated teats and capacity/milking ability - but are giving her grace since her first lactation with us was ridden with chronic ketosis and rumen acidosis, meaning her grain and alfalfa intake was very limited. We hope this dry period allows her time to recover and will be very proactive in adjusting her intake back to these high-nutrient feeds that encourage a fully-functioning udder.


-Milked 730# milk in just 149 DIM (that comes out to over 1500lbs in a 305 DIM lactation)

Sire's Dam (Bellafire DC Beach Bunny)



Idaho Syringa: 4th place, 5th place (of 17), 4x 4th place Dairy Herd
Washington County Fair: 5th place, 4th place Dairy Herd

Oregon State Fair: 4th place Dam & Daughter, 4th place Dairy Herd


NWODGA: 1st place (in Grand Champion line-up and judge commented it was a hard choice between her and another doe for Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe), 1st place Udder, 2nd place
Barn in the USA: 5th place
GA National Show: 13th place (included 2022 National Grand Champion) (of 50)
Rogue Valley Dairy Show: Reserve Senior Grand Champion, 1st place, 2nd place (to Champion of the Day)
Oregon State Fair: 1st place, 1st Udder (in Grand Champion lineu-up and Best Udder line-up), Dairy Herd - 4th place, Dam & Daughter - 4th place



2022 (illness)

LACTATION #: 3       AGE: 3-10        DIM: 234         LBS: 520        BUTTERFAT: 31*        PROTEIN: 21*


LACTATION #: 4       AGE: 4-11         DIM: 170          LBS: 500        BUTTERFAT: 32*        PROTEIN: 20* 

2024 (in progress)

LACTATION #: 5       AGE: 5-11         DIM: 39          LBS: 89        BUTTERFAT: 6        PROTEIN: 3