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Peer Reviews

Reviews, feedback, and raves from customers of goats sold, mentorship provided, and products made on Broken Top Farm.


Purchaser of Goats & Mentor/Mentee

"Amazing herd and Abby is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful breeders that you could ever find!!!"

"Abby Messer you are building a fantastic herd and I could not be prouder than what I am of what you are accomplishing!!! I am so glad to be a small part of helping you restart!!!"


Lessee of Goats & Mentee

"I admired you long before I met you. Stalking through the West Coast breeders, I did peruse your site on many occasions. I love how you try to help other breeders out. When reviewing your herd management program, I realized that it closely aligned with what I wanted for my herd. So I printed it and put it in the back of my herdbook. It was so exciting to meet you face-to-face and see your kids in person. I so value our budding friendship and the opportunity you have given me to bring Hissy here for a little while to further my breeding program."

two goats arms around each other friends.jpg



"I met her a year ago and she has been a huge help and inspiration. I almost got out of goats but she helped me find my love for them again. She is fun to show with, and always puts a smile on my face no matter my mood. And she is very knowledgeable. Like if you have a question... she has an answer 2x. Freaking love that girl!

"Abby is one of the most influential people I know when it comes to goats! She is knowledgeable and is willing to help with anything at any time. She really puts all of her blood, sweat, and tears into these animals. I would recommend her knowledge and show stock to anyone! Can't go wrong with a Broken Top kid"


Farm Fan

"Love seeing pictures of all your babies."

collage of baby goat pictures.jpg
goat eating a bag of grain.jpg


Farm Fan & Online Mentee

"5 Stars 10/10 recommend their feeding program! I started with Abby’s tips on how to improve my BF in my two does on milk test. I started the feeding program 6-7 weeks ago and have seen their numbers grow on a steady upward trend. One of them is over 9% BF now. Thank you, Abby and Broken Top Farm!"


Chapstick Purchaser

"Woo Hoo! Amazing chapstick!!!"

goat chapstick.jpg
goat big lips.jpg


Chapstick Purchaser

"Love their chapstick!!! Goes on super soft and leaves my lips moisturized! Honey Almond is my favorite!!!


Soap, Chapstick, and Custom Tag Purchaser

"I received my package today that had all my variety of soaps that I ordered. All the varieties of goat milk soaps are amazing. Shipping was fast & each soap was wrapped up so nicely. Very happy! Life-long customer right here, thank you BTF!"

goat holding an armful of goodies.jpg
goat and chicken.jpg


Egg Purchaser

"Sweetest owners and best eggs ever!!! 11/10 recommend if you’re in the area!!!"


Chapstick Purchaser

"Hands down, 110% recommend their chapstick…no joke, it is the BEST product I have ever used."

goats laughing haha.jpg
family of goats hugging.jpg


Egg and Chapstick Purchaser

"We have been purchasing Broken Top Farm fresh eggs for some time and if you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out! Abby is always so accommodating and helpful in making sure we are stocked with these delicious eggs. Recently, I branched out and tried their chapstick. All I can say is, WOW!!! I ordered 3 different kinds which I shared with family. This stuff works! It’s creamy, soothing and the flavors are yummy. I also tried their goat milk soap. It too did not disappoint. Excited to try some of the other products they sell on their website!! Highly Recommend Broken Top Farm!!"


Egg Purchaser

"We recently discovered their farm and bought some eggs. They taste great, and we look forward to more. We thought EB eggs were good, but these are better."

goat with eggs zoomed out.png


Mentee & Farm Fan

"I enjoy following your Farm and have learned so much from what you share!"


Goat Purchaser & Mentee

"You’re awesome at getting back and making sure all questions are answered."


Purchaser of Goats

"...It makes me feel like, in some small way, I'm supporting your farm, which has just blown me away with its ethics and commitment to the community."


Farm Fan

"I really appreciate you getting back to me and following through. A lot of folks don’t take that effort. Thank you!"

goat conversation.jpg



"You’re a wealth of knowledge and could do some great things for the youth in this area"


Farm Fan

"I love your display. And love the posters that answer all the questions people ask. Would love to make these for our local fair this weekend. It is perfect."

goat and teaching.jpg
goat giving gift.jpg


Farm Fan & Recieved Donated Goods for a Local Group

"The soap smells so amazing! Thank you for supporting our team"


Mentee & Farm Fan

"I checked out your website - so awesome all the services you offer."

goat and computer.jpg

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